TV Commercials

“L’Oréal Men Expert Vita Lift” TVC Series

“UFC Refresh” TVC (Produced by JTeam)

“Gold 905” TVC Series

“Gillette Singapore” TVC Series – (Produced by JTeam)

“Museum of Horrors” TVC

“Guardian” TVC Series

“Westin Wellness, JPN” TVC

“Dester Beer” TVC

“ONE FM 91.3” TVC Series

“Museum of Horrors” TVC

“OSIM Christmas” TVC

“Dutch Lady” TVC

“Capitaine Sardines” TVC

“Vision” TVC

“L’Oréal Men Expert Hydra Energetic” TVC Series

“The Vales EC” TVC

“Porsche GTS 2015” Trailer [Post-Production]

“Yue Hua” TVC

“Westin Wellness” TVC

“Health Domain” TVC Series

“Museum of Horrors” TVC

“Samsung Add-Wash” TVC

“Guardian Singapore” TVC

“Lee Heng” TVC

“Weiken” TVC

“FreshKon” TVC

“OSIM Christmas” TVC