“Unbroken” (DP)

“Love Across The Causeway” (DP) – Butterworks

“I am Jonathan” (DP/Director)

“Come Home” (DP)

“Dilated” Action

“Steadfast” (DP/Director)

“Hurt” (DP)

“B4NGER” (DP) – Gentle Bones

“Slick” Action

“HAPPY就好” – Jaspers

“Reckless MV” (DP)

SG50 “Lingo Lingo” – Tosh X Bunz

“You & Me” for SG50 – Scarlet Avenue

"The Turntable Instrumentalist" - DJ KoFlow feat. Mighty Souls

“Happy Heartbreak” – Scarlet Avenue

“Tears” – Scarlet Avenue

"雅歌" - Eddie Chow

“Lingo Lingo Where You Go” Documentary – J-Team Productions.

“First Liker” (DP) – by United Records

“Love Across The Causeway” (DP) – by Butterworks

“Unbroken MV” (DP) – by KSP