“Bioskin TVC” (DP) – by SherFilms

“Investment Corporation of Dubai” (B-Unit DP) – by Mark J. Blackman

“Burger King TVC” (DP) – by TheReelThing

“Ogawa TVC” (DP) – by J-Team Productions

“Magiclean” (DP) – by MADmen Studios

“Prudential PruActive” (DP) – by Abundant Productions

“Letters of Grace” (DP) – Heartbeat Project

“Seng Choon TVC” (DP) – by TheReelThing

“McDelivery X WorldCup” (DP) – by Vicinity Studio

“First Liker” (DP) – by United Records

“Love Across The Causeway” (DP) – by Butterworks

“Unbroken MV” (DP) – by KSP